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Introducing the NEW range of tea’s from Bonvit

Dandelion Tumeric with Chai Blend

Bonvit Dandelion Chai with Turmeric is a marriage of our traditional blend with our delicious chai recipe, organic turmeric and black pepper.
This delicious, peppery caffeine free beverage has a warm, spicy and satisfying flavour.





Bonvit Instant Blue Dandelion

Blue Dandelion has been cultivated and enjoyed as a roasted alternative to coffee for centuries, delivering a dark, rich flavour superior in every way to decaffeinated coffee.
In times of war when coffee has been in short supply it was mixed with roasted chicory to sustain coffee lovers





Dandelion Chai Blend


We have combined our traditional blend with our own exceptional chai tea recipe.
This fragrant combination of the finest roasted dandelion and chicory roots carefully blended with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg and star anise delivers a rich, delicious aromatic flavour.
Available from health food stores and participating independent supermarkets.




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